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Free AI Editing

AI Editing based on OpenAI’s natural language processing models. OpenAI is the team behind ChatGPT.

We are excited to introduce our free AI editing system powered by a cutting-edge AI-powered language assistant designed to revolutionize the way our clients edit their English! Our state-of-the-art technology from the OpenAI* natural language processing (NPL) system not only corrects syntax, punctuation, and spelling but also makes changes to enhance clarity, coherence, and style. Whether you're working on essays, research papers, or creative projects, our AI editing tool is the ultimate tool for achieving academic success, and when combined with editing from our expert human editors, we can elevate your writing and unlock your full writing potential.

*EditMyEnglish is not affiliated with OpenAI.

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Combine AI Editing with our Expert Human Editing

Combine our expert human-based English editing team with our AI editing tool to get a comprehensive and efficient approach to document editing. When you submit projects that have been initially edited by our AI editing tool, we can give you a on our services since it ensures that the initial state of your document is sufficient to allow our editing team to focus on the more nuanced aspects of the document. Our editors will then provide their expertise to ensure accurate context, tone, and style for your document, while leaving insightful comments, resulting in a highly polished and well-crafted document that meets the highest standards of quality and readability.

FAQ Section

How does AI editing work?

OpenAI's natural language processing models utilize around 175 billion parameters to execute tasks on thousands of GPUs or TPUs in cloud-based servers. When our AI engine edits a page of text, it undergoes billions of processing steps to produce clear, coherent, and error-free content. 

The AI engine was trained by OpenAI on a vast corpus of high-quality English text, enabling it to recognize and correct common grammar and usage errors, such as misplaced modifiers, subject-verb agreement mistakes, and verb tense inconsistencies. Additionally, the engine can understand the context of a sentence and suggest improvements to sentence structure, word choice, and overall clarity.

After I use your free AI editing tool, do I still need to have my document edited by your human editors?

While our AI editing tool can greatly enhance the quality of your document, some clients have found that adding a human editing step after using our tool can ensure that their text meets the highest standards of writing. Our human editors can address the more nuanced aspects of writing that may require a human touch, and they can also provide helpful comments that many clients find beneficial. Ultimately, whether you choose to have one of our expert editors review your document after using our AI editing tool depends on your specific needs and preferences.

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